Intensive Care Forum Representatives presented the Results of the Tele-Psychological Support Service for children (aged 4-18 years old) of critically ill patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), under a Press Conference that was held on Monday 19 October 2015 at Filoxenia Conference Centre (Briefing Room 3 & 4).

The Press Conference began with a screening of a TV Spot related to Ariadne Project, greetings from the Intensive Care Forum President, the Representative of Ministry of Education & Culture/ Director of Secondary General Education and the Coordinator Psychologist.

The Coordinator Psychologist has referred to the number of children participated in Psychological and Tele-Psychological Support Services by underlining the fact that it has increased significantly since the beginning of this Program.

The attendees had the opportunity to watch 2 short length videos related to Psychologist’s and Child’s experience during their navigation on Service Application. The Press Conference completed with a video screening entitled “The Role of ICU Doctors”. Users are able to watch other 7 videos that have been uploaded on Service Application.

Each video present a different story related to (a) Ariadne Project, (b) Psychologists, (c) Intensive Care Unit, (d) ICU Doctors, (e) ICU Nurses, (f) Medication and (g) certain Medical Procedures (Tracheostomy, Dialysis).

Ariadne Project is funded by the EEA Grants and under the framework of Funds for Non-Governmental Organizations for Cyprus 2009-2014.