How the concept of creating Ariadne Project was born?

The team of Intensive Care Forum, after the Psychologist ran an extensive assessment of needs of the relatives of patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), took the initiative to develop a supportive service for the children of severely ill patients hospitalized in the ICU.

Parents often sought guidance from the Psychologist questioning the appropriateness of allowing their children visiting relatives in the ICU, how to inform them about the patient's condition and how to prepare them for a visit in the ICU. These observations concluded that there was limited access of youngsters in the ICU due to age limit and parent’s reluctance because the ICU is considered as "traumatic" environment.

Unfortunately, the parents’ effort to protect the children leads to isolation and alienation from their inpatient close relative, elements that may cause unwanted emotional and learning problems, as well as adjustment difficulties.

Considering the above, children and adolescents whose loved one was in the ICU begun receiving the supportive service of Ariadne, in an effort to help them feel less isolated or constant worry on how their loved one is recovering. Furthermore, Ariadne Project aims in overcoming geographical boundaries and thereby enable children and adolescents to still be recipients of psychological support and be informed on their relative’s condition, even when is difficult to visit the hospital.

How the title 'Ariadne' emerged as a name 

The name Ariadne came from Greek mythology. As Ariadne gave a ball of thread to Theseus (the famous "Ariadne's Thread") in order to find the way out off the maze, so does the Psychologists of the Intensive Care Forum try to give to children/adolescents guidance and skills to enable them to go through this difficult path with the least possible negative psychological impact.

The logo of Ariadne Project

For the creation of the logo, a Pancyprian Art Competition was opened for Secondary Education Schools (High Schools). The competition was completed in November 2014 with high participation volume. The winner received a nominal monetary award of 100 euro. The rest of the participants received thankful acknowledgment and publicity by the Intensive Care Forum.

Why the logo was designed by a child/student: 

  • The logo contributed towards effort of program branding and identity, leading to broad awareness of Ariadne services 
  • The participation of the students contributed to the public recognition and acknowledgement of the project’s objectives and highlighted the importance of providing psychological support to children of patients in the ICU 
  • Created a positive attitude towards Ariadne services