The service offered by Ariadne Project aims to improve the accessibility of young family members whose loved one is hospitalized in the ICU. The high quality psychological support services aim to:

  • Influence the children's emotional well-being
  • Improve adaptive functioning
  • Increase the number of children and adolescents who may, if they wish, receive psychological support from professional psychologists and social workers

We specifically offer...

  • Assessment of children's emotional state
  • Provide information on the status of the critically ill patient
  • Prepare adolescents who wish to visit the ICU
  • Offer prompt response to children's or adolescents' questions about their loved ones hospitalization
  • Manage emotional difficulties and adjustment difficulties
  • Help through the mourning phase
  • Offer counseling to parents to deal with their children
If parents/guardians do not wish their children to participate in Ariadne project...

If some parents/guardians do not wish their children's participation in Ariadne Project, but they believe they can benefit receiving guidance from the Psychologists, then they can:

  • Find important and useful information for the correct way of updating their children
  • Learn what psychological issues may arise due to their loved one's hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit
Of your interest...

Parents can have access:

  • To articles, publications and research relevant to the topic
  • Advice from Professional Psychologists or Psychiatrists on how to initiate an honest discussion, what information should they give, what are the ways to manage loss and grief and additionally learn what reactions are considered normal and expected

Children and adolescents can significantly benefit from the Ariadne services, that aim to alleviate the emotional effects that arose from their loved ones' hospitalization.