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Adolescent Frequently Asked Questions

Will my parents be informed about my discussion with the Psychologist?

What is discussed with the Psychologist remains strictly confidential and parents are not informed about anything if the child does not want to. However, by law parents are informed only when there is evidence of threat to themselves or to someone else or if you are threatened by someone. What do we mean? The Psychologist is required to inform parents if the child wants to harm himself/herself or someone else.

Remember ...

Your parents will have meetings with the psychologist -less frequently- for parental counseling. These sessions will focus on how your parents can deal with the hospitalization of the patient and how they can help you more.

Am I crazy if I speak to the Psychologist?

No, the hospitalization of a loved one usually appears quite unexpectedly in our lives bringing huge emotional changes. Although these changes are completely normal, sometimes is hard to deal with them. The fact that you're trying to help yourself in order to manage a fairly uncomfortable situation, proves that you are a reasonable person.

How can I arrange a meeting with the Psychologist?

Session arrangement with a Psychologist must be done with your parents' presence either during a private meeting with Psychologists in their office or by phone at 22-603863, or electronically through the website ariadne.intensivecareforum.org.cy. The Psychologists' office is located near the Intensive Care Unit, 2nd Floor at Nicosia General Hospital.

If I visit the Psychologist, for how long will I need to visit her?

There is no specific time limit or number of visits. The length of time depends more on your own needs and time. Psychologists are here to help you as long as you need it.

What happens if I don't have a personal computer?

The Intensive Care Forum will be able to lend up to 7 tablets to children and adolescents who do not have one (ie one tablet per child). The tablet will be offered for the whole duration of the sessions and must be returned when sessions are terminated. 

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