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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is the hospital's special department where it is offered Intensive Care and observation for patients who are in a serious or unstable situation (for example, following a disease, accident or operation). The patient in the ICU needs constant and intensive medical care and support because she/he may have difficulty breathing on his/her own or he/she may have problems in multiple organs. Therefore, medical equipment takes the place of some bodily functions during their recovery.

Don't be afraid...

Patients in the ICU are often given drugs that cause drowsiness, while the equipment which is commonly used is unpleasant for the patient because it is connected with several pipes, wires and cables. Although, initially this will worry you, remember that this equipment helps the patient to carry out the body's essential functions.


The Intensive Care Unit is not a pleasant environment for either the patient or for their family and friends. The staff of the ICU understands this problem and is willing to help the patient while providing support to the patients' relatives.