The Intensive Care Forum in collaboration with the Department of Intensive Care Medicine at Nicosia General Hospital, recognizes the existence of the following difficulties, and offer Psychological Support to the young relatives of patients in ICU.

Serious or incurable diseases cause major changes to: 

- The daily life
- Behavior
- Emotions

Psychological support...

- We can help you to discover new ways for overcoming difficulties, by developing inner strength and skills
- We can -through a discussion- build a relationship of trust to support and guide you

Specifically we can offer...

  • Assessment your emotional state 
  • Inform you about the patient's condition 
  • Prepare you -if you wish to visit the patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 
  • Promptly respond to your questions related to the hospitalization of your loved one 
  • Help you find ways to manage any emotional and adjustment difficulties 
  • Help you through the mourn phase