Intensive Care Forum & Department for Intensive Care Medicine 

Intensive Care Forum in collaboration with the Department of Intensive Care Medicine at Nicosia General Hospital, offers psychological support to severely ill patients and their families.

Ariadne Project: Tele-Psychological Support of Children and Adolescents

Under the responsibility of the non-profit organization Intensive Care Forum Ariadne Project implements an innovative service, providing psychosocial support to children of severely ill patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Nicosia General Hospital.

• Virtual psychological services through modern information and telecommunication technologies
• Offers psychological support through tele-sessions using web applications and video conferencing with high quality sound and picture
• Offers free consultations in a specially designed environment within the premises of Nicosia General Hospital


Ariadne Project is funded by the EEA Grants and under the framework of Funds for Non-Governmental Organizations for Cyprus 2009-2014.

Limited/Restricted access to the Intensive Care Unit & Consequences ...

Generally, children and adolescents, due to limited access, are not able to visit the clinical area where their loved one is hospitalized. However, protecting children from visiting the ICU results in isolation and alienation from their loved one. These elements may cause unwanted emotional and learning problems as well as adjustment difficulties. Given that psychological support for children provided by professional psychologist and/or social workers is not very frequent, consequently the symptoms are not recognized on time or are "undervalued" and this should worry parents.