Implementation Project Team
  • Dr. Theodoros Kyprianou, Project Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Nikolas Stylianides, Project/Technical Manager
  • Elina Demetriadou, Mikaella Kokkinou, Dr. Eleni Epiphaniou, Psychologists
  • Georgia Christodoulou, Technical Support/Web Development
  • Evi Papanicolaou, Website Content Editing & Proofreading
  • Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Nicosia General Hospital
  • Cyprus Sociological Association
  • Psychologists - Psychiatrists
  • Forth Design
  • Mad for Ads

Who are the members of Psychologist team of Ariadne Project...

Understanding the fact that parents find it difficult to bring their children to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and taking into account the limited accessibility children have in this clinical setting, we developed an innovative approach to help children at distance.

  • Elina Demetriadou - Coordinator Psychologist (MSc)
  • Mikaella Kokkinou - Psychologist (MSc)
  • Eleni Epiphaniou - Psychologist (PhD)

Team goals...

The Psychologists of Ariadne Project focus on the following:

  • Offering psychological support to families and especially to children of severely ill patients, using interventions based on evidence-based practices
  • Reduce any negative psychological outcomes
  • Ease the hard road that children have to go through during the hospitalization of the patient in the ICU

What you need to know...

The Psychologists of Ariadne Project: 

  • Are present on a daily basis t the clinical setting of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • They are in continuous communication with the doctors in the ICU
  • They focus on detecting any psychological impact -which is related to the patient's hospitalization in the ICU- and help and relief children from this experience
  • They are trained to listen and advise parents, during parental counseling sessions, on issues related to dealing with their children

The presence of a Psychologist is vital...

As many studies show, children experience quite painful moments during the hospitalization of a loved one and parents are invited to take difficult decisions ...