The first Press Conference, regarding to Ariadne Project, was held at Ministry of Education & Culture (Conference Room) on Monday 02 February 2015.

The Ariadne Project implements an innovative service providing Tele-Psychological Support for underage family members of severely ill patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Nicosia General Hospital.

The Press Conference began with the introductory speeches of the Intensive Care Forum President, Mr. K. Christofis, and the Representative of Ministry of Education & Culture - Chief Education Officer, Dr. K. Louis.

It's worth noting that the Coordinator Psychologist, Ms. Elina Demetriadou, and the Ariadne Project Manager/Technical Manager of Teleprometheus, Telerehabilitation and Telemedicine Services, Dr. Nikolas Stylianides, presented the Tele-Psychological Support Program.

The Ariadne website was presented in detail by the IT Officer and member of the implementation project team, Mrs. Georgia Christodoulou. She made a brief presentation of the Top-Menu Categories and talked about the three groups that appear on the Home Page: A) Child, B) Adolescent and C) Guardian.

After the announcement of the results of Student Art Contest, the awarded logo design was uploaded on the Ariadne website.