History of the foundation

The Intensive Care Forum (ICF) is a non-profit organization, registered with the Registrar of Associations and Institutions, with registration number 2953. Although, the forum is based in Nicosia district, its action is extending across Cyprus. ICF was founded in 2006 with the initiative of Doctors and Nurses from the Intensive Care Unit, with  the ultimate aim to improve the conditions of providing scientifically sound and humanistic services to the patient and his/her family.


The Intensive Care Forum cosists of three sectors. The work for each field is coordinated by three members of the Committee and the Head of each sector is a member of the Board of Intensive Care Forum.

  • Sector A - Psychological Support for Patients
  • Sector B - Research & Development
  • Sector C - Training & Evidence-Based Practices 
Founding purpose

The Forum's founding purpose is to create a multi-layered support system for the patients who are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit and their families as well as the economic and psychosocial support of the families. in addition, it focuses on the design, organization and implementation of research programs and training related to the Intensive Therapy, with the ultimate aim of improving services for the severely ill patient.

  • Creation of a multi-layered support system for patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit and their families
  • Promote the aims of the Intensive Care in Cyprus for the patients' benefit
  • Diverse support  of the work of the Intensive Care Unit at Nicosia General Hospital
  • Promoting research in the area of Intensive Care
  • Forum of exchanging and discussing ideas and experiences on issues falling within the scope of the Charitable Association, as well as organizing lectures or seminars
  • Utilization and collaboration with governmental agencies and relevant institutions to improve the conditions of Intensive Care
  • Utilization of any friendly volunteering or volunteers of the Intensive Care Forum which promotes the above objectives
  • The work of the Intensive Care Forum is important, huge, multifaceted and difficult, while its gradual progress requires cooperation and participation of many people. In an attempt of the Intensive Care Forum to implement some of the original objectives, it understands that this is a long-term effort and that the scope for improvement is large.

Visit the Intensive Care Forum website www.intensivecareforum.org.cy